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First three quarters of the fertilizer industry profit margins higher than last year
Author:Fei Yan   Source:China Fertilizer Network   Published:2011-11-22   Viewed 763 times

First three quarters of 2011, a total profit of China's chemical fertilizer industry, total 30.3 billion yuan, an increase of 109.9%; its growth is far higher than the corresponding increase in sales revenue. The first three quarters of the fertilizer industry average profit margin of 5.71%, 3.89% higher than last year's level. N sub-sectors in which the most significant rebound (profit margin of 1.30% from last year rose to 4.35%).
 On the other hand, by the rising costs of all aspects (especially coal and phosphate-based raw materials), the price highs and the impact of domestic and foreign demand is relatively weak, fertilizer industry, the economy enters the second half has shown a slow decline. Which in September fertilizer industry average profit margin was 5.47%, the lowest since April. Market as a whole off-season by over-supply and reserve constraints slow start, the fertilizer industry is expected March 10-11 boom will continue in a downward channel.
 From the various sub-sectors of performance, in addition to potash sub-industry profit margins are still well above average levels, (20%), nitrogen, phosphorus and fertilizer sub-sector profit margins gradually converge, both at 5% level fluctuations. (Fei Yan)


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